SafariPad – iPad-style Safari tabs on iPhone

Another day, another tweak. SafariPad brings an iPad-style browsing experience to your iPhone. Download it for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch below.

How SafariPad works

iPad, just like desktop browsers, comes with an intuitive tab system. All browser tabs are lined up just below the address bar.

However, the same can’t be said about the iPhone, which comes with a totally a different tab system.

Although it frees up a lot of screen real estate, it can break your flow while you are browsing the internet. This is where SafariPad comes in.

SafariPad Cydia tweak brings iPad-like tabs to iPhone’s Safari browser. It is developed by tweak developer LonestarX.

Here’s how this tweak looks like in action.

This tweak has no Settings or preferences section. It is fully plug-and-play and modifies the stock iPhone browser as soon as you install it.

Download SafariPad tweak

If you are looking to get a better browsing experience, this is the tweak you would want to download.

However, I wouldn’t recommend using this tweak if you tend to keep a lot of tabs open at once.

This will lead to a lot of tabs getting crammed into a small area and you might lose track of the websites you are browsing.

As far as compatibility goes, it is fully compatible with other Safari-based tweaks such as SafariPlus. The developer will also upload it to BigBoss repository in a few days.

SafariPad is available for download on It is compatible with iOS 11 firmware.

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