How to remove LiberiOS jailbreak from iOS 11-11.1.2

A lot of enthusiastic users installed LiberiOS jailbreak without knowing that it doesn’t come with Cydia. Here’s a simple how-to tutorial for removing and completely uninstalling it from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Why is removing LiberiOS important?

Although LiberiOS generated solid buzz prior to its release, it proved absolutely useless to the end user.

There’s no package installer or Substrate alternative bundled with this tool.

Moreover, Jonathan Levin stated a while back that this tool will never ever include Cydia. Therefore, it makes sense to get rid of it as soon as possible.


Apart from that, it also makes certain changes to your hosts file that can cause issues. For exmaple, apps may stop downloading from the App Store or working altogether.

Remember, the uninstallation process is a bit typical and simply erasing everything won’t work in this case.

An erase just wipes the /var directory whereas LiberiOS makes changes to the root directory.

If LiberiOS is eating up that precious memory on your device, here’s how you can remove it.

Removing LiberiOS jailbreak from iPhone, iPad, and iPod

SSH Method (automatic)

Step 1 Install iTerminal SSH application from the official App Store.

Step 2 Launch it from your home screen and select SSH.


Step 3 Now enter the following details to establish an SSH session via Wifi with your device –

  • IP Address – Your Wifi network’s IP address (you can access it from Settings > Wi-fi by tapping the “i” icon next to your Wifi network)
  • Port – 22
  • User Name – root
  • Password – alpine

iTerminal SSH app

Step 4 You should now be in the terminal, which looks something like this.

Step 5 Enter the following SSH commands and press the enter/return key after each line.

bash /jb/

This command will remove all jailbreak-related files that are bundled with this tool.

Step 6 Download and install FilzaEscaped file manager from here. This app will allow you to revert the changes made to your hosts file.

Step 7 Open it from your home screen and navigate to /etc/hosts.

Step 8 Now you will need to edit this file and remove the following line. Remember, DO NOT delete your hosts file under any circumstances.

Filza method (manual)

You can also repeat the aforementioned process manually with FilzaEscaped. In this case, you will need to undo all changes made by this tool yourself.

  • Delete /etc/motd. 
  • Delete /Applications/
  • Delete /jb folder.
  • Edit the hosts file to remove the line containing

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