How to Remove Configuration Message in Dissident Cydia Tweak

A lot of users are getting annoyed by Dissident Cydia tweak. The reason behind this is a configuration message. Here’s a quick fix for this problem.

Here’s the configuration popup message that gets displayed each time you unlock your device.

dissident notification

This is supposed to be displayed only when you use Dissident for the first time. This can be very annoying. To fix it, we will simply add a string to the preferences plist file and this message will no longer disturb you.

How to Remove Configuration Message in Dissident Cydia Tweak

Step 1 Open Filza file manager.

Step 2 Go to this location – /var/mobile/Library/Preferences.

Step 3 Search for this file – com.shinvou.dissident.plist. Editing this file will make the tweak think it has already run and doesn’t need to display the notification again and again.

Step 3 Open this plist file with the in-built property list editor in Filza.

Step 4 Tap the “i” icon present in the root field.

Step 5 Under the “Value”, select “Add item” button.

Step 6 Edit this new item with the details given below –

  • Name: firstRun
  • Type: Array
  • Value: Change 0 to Boolean.

That’s all there’s to it. Hopefully, this notification will no longer annoy you.

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