How to Properly Re-Jailbreak iOS 10 with yalu102/mach_portal after Rebooting

A lot of users are facing errors while re-jailbreaking their devices. So I decided to write a complete tutorial on how to properly resign Yalu jailbreak and renew its certificate. Here’s how to do it.

untethered yalu jailbreak ios 10-min

Before you begin, make sure you have the following tools at the ready.


How to Re-Jailbreak iOS 10 with Yalu after Rebooting your device [TUTORIAL]

Step 1 Restart your iOS device and connect it to your computer.

Step 2 Open the folder containing Cydia impactor.

Step 3 Delete the file that contains random characters. Doing this will will renew your yalu102/mach_portal certificate.

Step 4 Start Cydia Impactor tool.


Step 5 Drag and drop yalu102/mach_portal+yalu IPA file into into the Cydia Impactor window. If Cydia Impactor throws an error, follow our Cydia Impactor Errors FAQ.


Step 6 Open yalu102/mach_portal application on your iOS and select “go”. You have now successfully re-jailbroken your device.

yalu 10.2 ipa

Step 7 Check the time remaining on Yalu Jailbreak certificate using CertRemainTime Cydia Tweak.

Now that you are in jailbreak state, remember the following points –

  • This jailbreak will continue to work until you reboot your device.
  • Your device will remain in jailbreak state for 7 days from whenever you re-jailbreak.
  • Remember, DO NOT delete yalu102/mach_portal application from your device. After every 7 days, just sideload Yalu over the already installed app and re-jailbreak as shown above.

How to know when to Re-Jailbreak

when to rejailbreak with yalu

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