Raise vnode Limit – Make Yalu Jailbreak more Stable

In a first, a Cydia tweak has been released to make yalu102 stable. Let’s find out how it works.

How Raise vnode Limit Works

Although yalu102 is quite stable out of the box, it doesn’t hurt to have extra stability. This is where Raise vnode Limit tweak comes into action.

Raise vnode Limit tweak increases the value of “maxvnodes”. What this does is increase the RAM partition for cache.

This increases the number of files that are allowed to be cached in RAM (Random Access Memory). Hence, more applications can now be saved into memory.

raise vnode limit

For the uninitiated, vnode is an in-memory data structure that stores information about a file.

Is Raise vnode Limit safe to use?

Yes, it’s completely safe to install and use. You just need to weight the pros and cons carefully and then make a decision.


Increasing the vnode limit has the following benefits –

  • Applications open much faster as compared to vanilla iOS.
  • It speeds everything up and makes your device much more snappier.
  • It also improves your battery life as a positive side effect.
  • Increased re-jailbreak success rate.

This is not a one-click magical solution and does come with a disadvantage. Increasing cache size means less RAM will be available for use by regular applications.

However, the free RAM only drops by a few megabytes. Therefore, you will not experience lag even while using memory-intensive applications.

This is only recommended for devices older than iPhone 6 plus. This modification is not necessary on newer devices because they already have a good amount of RAM.

You can also raise this limit manually by using MTerminal. Here’s the complete tutorial.

How to Raise vnode Limit Manually

Step 1 Open MTerminal terminal emulator on your device.

mterminal ios 10

Step 2 Type the following commands given below. This command will display the current maxvnodes value.

/usr/sbin/sysctl kern.maxvnodes

Step 3 Run this command to modify the maxvnodes value. You can use any other value in place of “5000” but I don’t recommend doing so.

/usr/sbin/sysctl -w kern.maxvnodes=5000

Download Raise vnode Limit

If you want to squeeze out some more stability from Yalu, go ahead and download it. You can also use the manual method for more control over values.


Raise vnode Limit is available for download on http://bluesymphony.kirara.ca/ repo. It is compatible with iOS 10 only.

Did you try this tweak? Let us know in the comments section below.

As you already know, stability issues are widespread on mach_portal jailbreak. You can follow the tutorial given below to make your iPhone 7/7+ more stable –


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