How to enable 60 FPS and Ultra HD graphics in PUBG Mobile

If you are playing the vanilla version of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds, you are missing out on a lot of graphical enhancements that modders enjoy. Here’s how you can enable 60 FPS and Ultra graphics on PUBG Mobile.

How can you unlock 60 FPS?

Most games, including PUBG, don’t allow the user to modify the game’s graphics and gameplay values.

However, these games do come with configuration files that are hidden deep in your device’s filesystem.

While there’s no formal Settings section in PUBG, you can use this file to alter the in-game values to your liking.


This method doesn’t require you to have a jailbreak, but having one will surely speed up things.

Also, this method is completely safe and won’t turn your iPhone into an oven or mess your hardware up.


  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • iOS 11-11.1.2 firmware
  • Filza file manager
  • Electra jailbreak (optional)

Enabling 60 FPS and Ultra graphics on PUBG Mobile

Step 1 Open Cydia and install Filza on your Apple device from BigBoss repository. If you don’t have a jailbreak, simply sideload the FilzaElectracuted file from this link 

Step 2 Download the modified UserCustom.ini file here. This file comes with all the required modifications and enables them automatically in-game.  

Step 3 Open this text file with Filza’s Text Editor and copy its contents in entirety.

Step 4 Launch Filza again and navigate to this location – mobile/Containers/Data/Application/PUBG Mobile/Documents/ShadowTrackerExtra/Saved/Config/iOS.

Step 5 Scroll down and open the stock usercustom.ini file with the ‘Text Editor’. 

Step 6 Use the ‘Select all’ option and delete all text from this file.

Step 7 Paste the modified values you copied in Step 3 in this file.

Step 8 Run PUBG Mobile on your Apple device with new graphics settings.

According to PUBG developers, the upcoming v0.4 update will include support for 60 FPS and Ultra graphics settings. Version 0.4 will enable these settings by default on all models.

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