Developer PoomSmart Quits Cydia Tweak Development!

The jailbreak community seems to have taken another hit – PooSmart has abandoned tweak development. Here’s the reason behind him quitting the scene.

Developer PoomSmart Abandons Tweak Development

PoomSmart is one of the oldest tweak developers who was still active on the jailbreak scene. However, he recently ceased any and all tweak development.

Over the years, his tweaks have amassed over 12 million downloads.

He will no longer push Cydia tweaks to BigBoss repo or release updates for his existing tweaks. Here’s a tweet from his Twitter account that confirms this.

The reason why he quit the community is piracy. Julioverne, iOS developer and cracker, cracks Cydia tweaks almost in real-time and pushes them to his pirate Cydia repository.


Naturally, PoomSmart’s tweaks also came under the ambit. This began cutting into his bottom line and he was forced to quit eventually. Moreover, the community wasn’t too kind and kept heckling him for fixing bugs.

Here’s a list of a few popular tweaks he has developed –

Will PooSmart ever make a comeback?

His decision is final – he’s never coming back! Nearly all developers have bid him farewell and thanked him for his help.

PoomSmart wasn’t just a developer but a friend of the community as well. He was always there to help other developers who were stuck.


Undoubtedly, he is one of the best developers to ever grace the community and it’s very sad to see him go.

All of PoomSmart’s tweaks are still available on BigBoss Cydia repo. I highly recommend you buy his new Nomoji tweak just to support him and his efforts.

Please leave your comments and praises for this developer in the comments section below.

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