Palette – Colorize notification banners and widgets

Another day, another tweak. This new tweak aims to add some colors to the boring stock notification user interface. Download Palette Cydia tweak on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch below.

How Palette works

Though Jony Ive has done a great job with the native iOS notification system, it gets boring after a while. The flat design looks good but it could use some colors. This is where this new tweak comes in.

Palette Cydia tweak colorizes stock notification banners and several other UI components in iOS 11. It is developed by developer Maxwell Dausch, who is a newcomer in the jailbreak scene.

Apart from notification banners, it also works on widgets and the “Now Playing” view of Control Center and lock screen.

Here’s how this tweak looks like in action.

Notification banners

Palette Cydia tweak

Lock Screen Music player

Control Center Music player


This tweak comes with a solid set of options that let you tailor each and every colored component to your liking. Here are the Settings I use on my iPhone –

  • Blur Enabled – On
  • Use Dark Blur – On
  • Color Alpha – 0.50
  • Label Color – Adaptive

Download Palette Cydia tweak

This tweak serves as an alternative to two popular tweaks – ColorBanners and CHeader. This is one of those tweaks that you just go to install on your iPhone. Highly recommended.

It also offers good compatibility with other jailbreak tweaks such as Haystack, Intelix, and even NoctisXI.

Palette is available for download on Maxwell’s Cydia repository ( for free. It is fully compatible with iOS 11 and partially compatible with iOS 10. 

Here are a few more compatible tweaks that you might want to check out –

Known issues and bugs

  • CCMusicArtwork can conflict with the colors and render the music player text illegible.
  • All features except notification banners colors don’t work on iOS 10.

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