Saurik’s jailbreak could partially support iOS 11.2.x, hints p0sixninja

Hacker p0sixninja just dropped a bomb on Twitter. He claims Saurik’s upcoming jailbreak tool could support iOS 11.2.1 firmware.

p0sixninja might be working on a KPP bypass

Joshua Hill aka p0sixninja, a former member of the Chronic Dev Team, has hinted at a KPP bypass for iOS 11. He claimed that it has “already been done” in a reply to tweak developer nullpixel.

This indicates Saurik and his motley crew of hackers might already be in possession of a KPP bypass.

Here’s what the jailbreak veteran posted on his official Twitter handle.

It is not yet known whether they have developed one from scratch or just reused yalu102’s KPP bypass.

Apart from the that, Hill also mentioned that a “legendary team” is working on Saurik’s jailbreak.

Saurik has clarified that he is indeed working with an old-guard developer. Although he is yet to name names, all signs point towards p0sixninja.

Partial compatibility with iOS 11.2.x explained

It is absolutely impossible for a jailbreak to support iOS 11.2 or above versions under the present circumstances.

We don’t have access to any powerful open-source exploits for these versions.


p0sixninja’s KPP bypass, if it ever gets released, will allow developers to develop an iOS 11.2.x. jailbreak tool relatively easily.

It will pave the way for future jailbreaks just like yalu102 did for g0blin, Saigon, and doubleh3lix.

All in all, we will get a working Electra jailbreak alternative along with iOS 11.2.x KPP support.  

When will Saurik his jailbreak?

There has been no official confirmation regarding the release date of Saurik’s jailbreak.

Saurik and Joshua have evaded all questions and refused to divulge any details regarding its release date.

jay Freeman aka Saurik

Saurik did, however, said that his tool is still under development and he will release it in the “distant” future.

If this team really turns out be as legendary as the Chronic Dev Team, we could indeed have some interesting times ahead of us.

Who do you think is a part of Saurik’s “legendary team”? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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