OutofReach – Hide apps and widgets in Reachability

Another day, another tweak. OutofReach lets you hide apps in a very unsuspecting place. Download this tweak for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod below.

How OutofReach works

Reachability is a pretty useless feature, but even more so for users that have big hands. This new tweak aims to change that by turning it into your own secret vault.

OutofReach Cydia tweak allows you to hide applications and games in reachability. It is developed by renowned tweak developer, Andrew Wiik.

It adds two pages (a secret app page and a music page) to the reachability. Additionally, the user can also include widgets from the “Today” view.

Here’s how this tweak looks like in action.

The first and the default page of reachability contains your “hidden” apps.

The music widget looks exactly like the one that is present on the lock screen.

The preferences section of this tweak is pretty straightforward. You can just add and remove apps by tapping the “+” and “-” buttons just like you do for the Control Center.

Although I didn’t test widgets, you can also add any widget from the “Today” view to reachability. I also suggest enabling the “Hide Icon Labels” to ensure more secrecy.

Download OutofReach Cydia tweak

Andrew has clearly put in a lot of effort to bring this concept to reality. At this price tag, it’s worth every penny. Recommended.

Its only downside is its exclusive support for iOS 11 firmware. Here’s hoping the developer backports it to iOS 10 and 9 as well sometime in the future.

OutofReach is available for download on Packix repository for $2.00. It is compatible with iOS 11.0-11.3.1.

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