Download OF32 – Offsets Finder for 32-bit Jailbreak tools

Today, a new tool has been released, which will make all 32-bit device owners happy. Here’s how it works and how you can download it.

What is OF32?

OF32 is a utility that decrypts the iOS kernelcache and finds the required offsets for your device. It is developed by jndok, who is unknown within the jailbreak community.


Once you find the offsets for your device, you can then input them in any 32-bit jailbreak tool that doesn’t have them. This will ensure the jailbreak will run on your device.

As of now, it only supports 32-bit devices and jailbreak tools. You can use it with the following jailbreak tools –

As you know, Home Depot supports iOS 8.4.1  but still requires minor modifications. This amazing utility will allow us to find the necessary offsets for iOS 8.4.1 firmware as well.

We can also use this tool to port yalu102 to 32-bit iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices provided the developer adds “find” methods from patchfinder64.

Download OF32

How to find Offsets for iPhone, iPad, iPod with OF32

Step 1 Download the ZIP file using the download link given above.

Step 2 Use make command to build the tool.

Step 3 Now key in this command to execute this tool.

./OF32 [kernelcache_location]

It’s only meant for developers because all tools already support every 32-bit device. For those of you who find it complicated, try using this on-device tool given below.

If you don’t know how to use Terminal, you should probably keep your hands off of such tools. It’s better we leave such stuff to advanced users and community developers.

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