Nyko Clip Grip Power is the perfect Accessory for Splatoon 2 Players

A resurgent Nintendo has been shaking up the gaming industry with its handheld console Switch. With titles like Splatoon 2, its popularity is skyrocketing. Here’s a cool new accessory for all Splatoon players.

Clip Grip Power – Best Accessory for Splatoon Players 

A little over a week ago Nintendo announced a companion app, Nintendo Switch Online for Android and iOS. It allows you to play and chat with your team at the same time.

This app is specifically aimed at Splatoon, the first team-based third person shooter for the Nintendo’s hybrid console. While this app was a huge disaster, players are still coping somehow and learning its ropes.


When playing online, you must play with your Joy-Con while keeping a tab on your smartphone to coordinate with your team members. This can get a bit overwhelming and extremely complex to follow.

This is where Nyko comes in with the Clip Grip Power, the perfect accessory that solves this problem once and for all.

clip grip power

Clip Grip Power contains two extensions where you must place the controller.

At the top, there’s an adjustable arm where you can place your smartphone running the Nintendo Switch Online app. As far as the compatibility is concerned, you can attach almost all devices.

Clip Grip Power also has a separate space for storing seven Switch games and two SD cards. The extra battery ensures you never run out of juice while the game is on.

Where can I buy Clip Grip Power?

Clip Grip Power lets you focus on the game with the voice chat always in sight. All in all, it’s a great third-party accessory that fixes Nintendo’s broken voice chat system. Highly recommended.

You can purchase it from Amazon using the link given below.


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