NonceRead – Find nonce from SHSH Blobs with a click

Saving blobs is the easier part and everything that follows is not as easy as it seems. Here’s a new tool that aims to simplify an important step of the firmware restore process.

What is NonceRead?

NonceRead is a nonce hexadecimal string extractor for Windows. It is developed by legacy developer Hacks4Live.

For the uninitiated, setting nonce in NVRAM is an integral part of the downgrade/upgrade process. Before you set it, you must extract the requisite hexadecimal string from your SHSH Blob text file.


While this is a non-issue for the advanced or the power users, beginners can’t seem to wrap their heads around it. Therefore, anything that makes your life easy should be a welcome addition to your jailbreak arsenal.

You can download this tool using the link below.

Download NonceRead


  • SHSH Blobs file of your device
  • A computer running Windows

How to find nonce with NonceRead

Step 1 Locate the archive containing your SHSH Blob files on your computer.

Step 2 Transfer any one of these files to your desktop. The firmware file should pertain to your target iOS version that you wish to go to.

Step 3 Name this file – blob.SHSH2.

Step 4 Open the tool by running its executable file. It will now display the contents of the aforementioned file. The hexadecimal text present between the string tags is your nonce. I have highlighted it below.


Step 5 We only have access to the required hexadecimal string up till now. To make use of this value, you must install any nonce setter application such as NonceSet1112.

Step 6 Once you install the app on your device, input this string therein. Here’s an example of a custom string set by the user.


That’s pretty much it! You can now restore your device to your target firmware version using Future Restore utility.

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