NoctisXI – System-wide dark mode for iOS 11

Another day, another tweak. This new tweak aims to bring the highly-requested night mode feature to iOS. You can download NoctisXI on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch below.

How NoctisXI works

Although iOS 11 does come with a stock night mode, it is highly watered-down and doesn’t cut it for the power users. This is where this new tweak comes with its powerful customizations for night users.

NoctisXI Cydia tweak brings a stunning system-wide dark mode to Apple’s latest mobile operating system. It is developed by famed tweak developer, LaughingQuoll.


It applies its dark mode to almost all applications (except for a few) really well. Here’s how it looks like in the stock Files, Photos, and the Settings apps respectively.

User interface

This tweak is not limited only to applications, it also alters the iOS user interface. For example, your notification prompts, dock and other UI elements turn black once you enable it.


It comes with a powerful yet easy-to-use preferences section. You can access it from Settings and tailor it to your needs.

For the best experience, enable the following options and disable the rest.

  • Enabled
  • Enable Applications
  • Light Control Center

Once you want to apply the changes, tap the Respring button. I am using an older version, which isn’t as feature-rich as the latest version.

Download NoctisXI Cydia tweak

Noctis continues to be the dark mode tweak of choice for most jailbreak enthusiasts.

Eclipse X is Considering there’s not a single tweak that brings this feature to iOS, this is your only option right now. Highly recommended.

Dark mode iOS 11

If this tweak breaks your Control Center, try rearranging the toggles from the stock Settings app.

NoctisXI is available for download on Creatix Cydia repo ( for $2.00. It is compatible with iOS 11.

Known bugs and issues

Although NoctisXI is a great tweak, it does have a few glitches here and there. Here’s a list of bugs I experienced while using this tweak.

  • Black status bar text on a black background renders it illegible.
  • There’s a small glimpse of the stock white user interface before it turns black.
  • In-app compatibility is missing from a few applications such as Music.

The developer tends to be very active on the scene and these issues will hopefully be sorted out very soon.

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