Is a Nintendo Switch Jailbreak under Development?

Luca Todesco, the developer of Yalu jailbreak, has exploited Nintendo Switch. Speculation is rife over when a jailbreak for Switch will be released.

Let’s find out how he hacked the latest console by Nintendo.

Luca uploaded a photo on Twitter that showed Nintendo Switch using JailbreakMe for iOS 9.3.3.

Luca emphasized that this was not a jailbreak. It was just a proof-of-concept exploit that allowed him to execute code in the browser.

nintendo switch jailbreak

Nintendo Switch’s kernel is different from iPhone so hackers need different exploits to gain root access. Moreover, its SD card limits access for anything besides the home screen.

This makes a jailbreak difficult as a hardware level exploit must be found first.

How Luca Exploited Nintendo Switch 

To hack this console, he utilized a modified version of his JailbreakMe 9.3.3.

This video explains how Luca was able to exploit the Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo aggressively protects its intellectual property. It is highly likely that Nintendo will fix the security exploits in the next firmware update.

Luca gets blasted on Twitter

The 18 year old hacker is also facing a lot of flak from jailbreak enthusiasts.

safari jailbreak ios 10

Jailbreak users blasted him on Twitter for delaying a stable jailbreak for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

If you don’t remember, Luca promised to release the stable version of Yalu jailbreak soon. However, he soon delayed it indefinitely as he was “busy”. So far, Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10 is stuck in beta stage.


The unofficial developer community of Nintendo Switch is still in its infancy. Ironically, many users were not interested in the console itself. They just wanted to play Zelda – Breath of the Wild.

Zelda holds great nostalgic value for millennials as they grew up playing it. The console is selling like hot cakes for this reason.

If a jailbreak tool is released for the Switch, we will be able to run emulators and homebrew applications easily. Hopefully, the Nintendo jailbreak scene will become popular again.

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