ModMyi and MacCiti Cydia Repos are now dead!

Today is a sad day for the entire jailbreak community. Two default Cydia repositories, ModMyi and MacCiti are shutting down. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Why are ModMyi and MacCiti repos shutting down? 


According to the repo administrator, the server costs were going way too high for it to be profitable. And this is the reason why they are shutting the repo down.

Saurik is the new owner of this repo and will be maintaining it from now on. All packages and contents of the source will remain in an archived state.


For those who don’t know, ModMyi was taken over by Mobile Nations a few months back. The new owners changed ModMyi to ModMy in an expansion drive and this is precisely where the problem started.

ModMyi has been now rebranded as a mainstream technology and modding website. They will no longer focus on solely iOS jailbreaking.

The new editor, Dennis Bednarz, is a Windows expert and is not a jailbreak expert. Moreover, the new team doesn’t even have a true jailbreak enthusiast onboard, they all are Android or Windows users.

Download status

You can still access all older packages and your previous purchases on this source.

Upload status

New package uploads by tweak developers will not work.


MacCiti’s administrator hasn’t yet given a plausible reason as to why it is shutting down.

Their repo is offline and their website now redirects to BigBoss. All Debian packages and descriptions are also broken and will no longer work.


BigBoss repo doesn’t accept theme submissions from developers. So this is a huge blow to the iOS theming community because this source hosted a lot of Anemone themes.

Download status

Downloads are no longer possible but packages can still be pulled from the source.

It would be great if someone could just pull all the packages and themes and host them on another server. Remember, you will still need to purchase paid packages.

If you don’t provide proper compensation to the developers, it will be considered piracy.

Upload status

Uploads by theme and tweak developers will no longer work.

What next?

A lot of jailbreakers grew up jailbreaking their iPods and these repos used to be huge back in the day. So it’s obviously sad to see these amazing sources going offline after nearly ten years.

This also presents a great opportunity for anyone looking to enter the jailbreak scene and start their own Cydia source.


Thankfully, the biggest default Cydia source, BigBoss, is still alive and kicking. However, this still doesn’t change the fact that two major default repos will now stay offline forever!

Is this the end of jailbreaking? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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