3 amazing features coming soon to Facebook Messenger

Mark Zuckerberg announced a major overhaul of Messenger a few days ago at the F8 conference. Here’s a list of all the features that the upcoming update is set to receive.

1. Native Dark mode

One of the notable announcements of F8 was the introduction of a dark mode for Messenger. Users will be able to enable this mode via Messenger’s settings section.

A true night mode will benefit users who own smartphones with OLED screens such as the iPhone X. For those who don’t know, night mode saves quite a lot of a battery life on OLED displays. 

Facebook Messenger dark mode

While this is great news for those who tend to chat with their peers at night, this will end up hurting the jailbreak community.

A native night mode will definitely put tweaks like FacebookDarkMode out of commision. But until that happens, you can keep using tweaks like NoctisXI and Eclipse X to enable a system-wide night mode.

2. Colored chat balloons

The current version of Messenger doesn’t allow users to customize UI elements. This is about to change as Facebook will introduce native color customization for chat balloons. 

Users will be able to pick the desired color from a color picker.

The end result will look something like this.

3. Cleaner and simpler user interface

Facebook has faced a lot of flak for implementing an overcomplicated and cluttered design for its Messenger app.

The upcoming update will address this issue by bringing a cleaner and much simpler user interface to the users.

As is evident, this new user interface design borrows heavily from WhatsApp. Just like WhatsApp, its home screen will be divided into three sections.

Firstly, the topmost section will have your Facebook profile picture just like WhatsApp along with the camera, video, and message buttons.

Secondly, the middle section will display your chats/conversations.

And finally, the bottom bar will have quick access buttons for the conversation, contacts, and the Discover section.

Which of these features have you eagerly been waiting for? Leave your comments below.

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