Maximum Number of Apps and Devices you can use with Cydia Impactor

I get this question a lot – “How many apps can I sign with Cydia Impactor?”. Here’s the answer to all your signing woes.

Cydia Impactor is, without a doubt, the best sideload utility that saves you the hassle of using XCode. Although it’s is a free tool, it still must adhere to rules and regulations put in place by Apple.

Here are the maximum number of apps and devices that it supports.

What’s the maximum number of apps I can sign?

Free Developer account 

You can sign up to 3 applications or IPA files per device. You can’t go above this predefined 3-app limit even if you use a different Apple ID credentials.

For example, if you attempt to install more than three IPA files using another Apple ID, you will get an error.


The signing period is also limited to 7 days. Therefore, you will need to resign each of these apps after every 7 days with Cydia Impactor.

If you fail to do so, sideloaded apps will begin throwing the “Untrusted Developer” error.

Paid Developer account

A paid developer account can be used to sideload as many apps as you want to. You can easily go overboard the 3-app limit that exists in the free account.

Furthermore, the 7-day limit doesn’t exist when you use a paid account. This means when you sign any app using your credentials, it will stay signed for a complete year.

What’s the maximum number of devices I can use?

You can use any number of devices with Cydia Impactor regardless of free or paid account. The number of devices is totally irrelevant in this case as it relies only on your Apple ID credentials.

It is difficult to bypass these limits as they are dependent on Apple’s servers.

With that said, I do have several workarounds that I personally like to use to sideload apps on my devices. I will upload the tutorial soon so watch out for that.

If you are on iOS 11 and wondering how to sideload apps, follow this tutorial.

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