MacX Video Converter Pro – Fastest 4K Processing Tool [Giveaway]

Video conversion and compression ability of a Mac machine is marred by the dearth of quality software tools. Here’s a new tool called MacX Video Converter Pro that will let you compress videos in an instant!

Why choose MacX Video Converter Pro?

Most of you guys have experienced the awesome visual experience of 4K videos.

Watching 4K videos on Mac or Apple TV or shoot your own 4K blockbuster videos with iPhone are quite common for Apple users. However, issues may crop up any time.

The huge size of 4K videos is without a doubt a big headache for all users. For example, it takes about 1.75GB if you shoot a 4K video at 30FPS with your iPhone.

MacX Video Converter

This means that your storage space in your iPhone, iCloud, Dropbox will be eaten up rather quickly and you may face difficulty while uploading videos to YouTube due to file size limit.

Another issue is that it may take forever if you need to convert the videos to another format.

In order to solve the above problems, an excellent video compression tool is required.

MacX Video Converter Pro stands out as the best and fastest video compressor for Mac users only. It is an all-in-one video processing program.

Features and conversion formats

  • Besides video compression, it also supports conversion of 4K video formats apart from 200+ formats compatible with Apple devices.
  • You can edit video clips, adjust video parameters and even download 4K videos from 300+ sites as well as record your Mac’s screen.
  • MacX also assists users to compress 4K videos to HD file smoothly with no video quality loss.

  • It even supports video conversion to H.265/HEVC codec to reduce up to 50% file size – a great bonus for Apple users. Among all the advantages, what makes it really shine is its fast video processing speed.

Check out how handBrake stacks up against this tool below.

MacX Video Converter Pro vs HandBrake

MacX Video Converter Pro is the first and only Mac video processing tool that applies the unique level-three hardware acceleration tech.

Compared with traditional converters that utilize hardware acceleration for video encoding only, MacX accelerates not only 4K/HD video encoding but also takes video decoding and processing to a whole new level.

It is powered by Intel QSV, Nvidia (CUDA/NVENC) and AMD. 5X faster than others.

The good results of applying level-three hardware acceleration are extraordinarily obvious. MacX Video Converter Pro is about 8X faster than the famous video converter HandBrake when converting the same video.

MacX Video Converter Pro vs Handbrake

What’s more, MacX delivers the highest possible quality without pixelation problems or unwanted noise, thanks to the High-Quality Engine and Deinterlacing.

All in all, MacX Video Converter Pro is the tool to process 4K videos for those who love high-resolution videos, especially Apple enthusiasts.

It won’t let you down with the fast video processing speed powered by the exclusive three-level hardware acceleration tech and the versatile abilities to convert, compress, edit, download and record videos. Do give it a spin!

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