Download Linux Commands and Scripts for iOS

An unknown tweak developer has just ported several Linux command tools and scripts to iOS. Download them below.

Linux Commands and Scripts for iOS

All of these Linux commands/scripts work only with command line interface (CLI). In order to use these utilities, you must have a Terminal emulator on your device.

This collection includes several advanced tools along with fun tools such as lolcat. Here’s the list of all the Linux ports –

  • Pirni – If you have been around on the jailbreak scene for quite some time, I’m sure you would remember Pirni. Pirni is a packet sniffer for iOS, updated to iOS 8+. It is used to perform man-in-the-middle attacks that are often used to steal sensitive information from unsuspecting users. Its GUI version is not open source so it can’t be ported over to iOS.
  • Dsniff – A tool for network auditing/penetration testing. This is for advanced users only who have the knowledge of advanced Networking concepts such as Port Scanning, packet sniffing, etc.
  • p0f – A tool that uses passive traffic fingerprinting to identify who’s behind a TCP/IP communication.
  • fdupes – A tool to check for duplicate files present in a directory.
  • lftp – A file transfer tool that offers compatibility with several different internet protocols such as ftp, http, sftp, fish and torrent.
  • lolcat – This changes any terminal output to a range of colors. This is by far my favorite Linux port for iOS.
  • CMatrix – Falling matrix text in the terminal screen.
  • sl – Typing “sl” command will run a steam locomotive in the terminal screen.
  • Fortune and Cowsay – Funny terminal commands.
  • Ruby – It is a programming language required by lolcat.

Here’s how Lolcat looks like in action.


I highly recommend that you don’t futz around with advanced scripts and tools unless you know what you are doing. The developer also plans to add some additional tools and scripts to this collection.

You can download these packages from Starwarsfan2099’s repo ( These tools are compatible with iOS 8, 9, and 10.

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