Liberty – Jailbreak Detection Patch for all popular apps

Another day, another tweak. This new tweak aims to bypass the inbuilt jailbreak detection of secure applications. Here’s how you can download and install it on your device.

How Liberty works

There are several applications that detect jailbreak and block jailbroken users from running them.

This happens in apps that require a certain degree of security and the developers want to protect the integrity of their data.


This has its upsides but a major downside is that jailbreak users can no longer access these apps. This is where this new tweak comes in.

Liberty Cydia tweak is a powerful general-purpose jailbreak detection patch that works with almost all popular applications. As its name suggests, it “liberates” your apps from the clutches of jailbreak detection.

It is developed by the talented Australian tweak developer RyleyAngus, who specializes in creating jailbreak patches for apps.

The latest update adds support for the following apps –

  • Vipps
  • UOB Mighty
  • Barclays Private Bank
  • Mandiri Online
  • Commerzbank
  • DirecTV
  • Pokemon Go
  • Fire Emblem Heroes
  • CIMB Banking
  • Paw Points
  • Ticketmaster
  • F5 Access
  • United Airlines
  • Others

Here’s the list of apps that are currently incompatible with Liberty –

  • Fate Grand Order
  • DKB TAN2go
  • TAN2go
  • Uber Driver
  • TIVo
  • Halifax
  • SkyGo
  • Lloyds Bank
  • V LIVE
  • Movistar Play Peru
  • Several local apps

The developer is working on it and he might add support for them in future.

Once you install it, it will get enabled by default. However, you must enable it individually for each application that you wish to patch.

There are three options in the Settings section and each one of them has a specific function –

  • Enable Liberty – This is self-explanatory.

liberty cydia tweak

  • Block Jailbreak Detection – You can individually patch a specific application in this section.

  • Block Cydia Substrate – You can individually block Cydia Substrate while running a specific app in this section. You should only use this if the above option doesn’t work as expected.

Remember, you must uninstall all other “patch” tweaks such as JailProtect, tsProtector, and xCon should you try this tweak.

These tweaks may interfere with the functionality of this app and render it useless.

Download Liberty tweak

This is an absolute must-have if your main iPhone is running a jailbreak. You will be needing this sooner or later so you better install it right now. Highly recommended.

This tweak officially supports iOS 8, 9, and 10 on all 32-bit and 64-bit iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. It runs absolutely flawlessly on my iPad mini, which is a 32-bit device.

Liberty is available for download on Ryley’s Cydia repo ( for free. It is compatible with iOS 8,9, and 10.       

Here are a few similar Cydia tweaks that patch jailbreak detection for various apps.

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