Download LiberTV11 Jailbreak for tvOS 11-11.1

Morpheus has delivered on his promises and just released a new update for LiberTV jailbreak. Here’s how you can download LiberTV11 jailbreak for your Apple TV running tvOS 11-11.1-11.1.2.

What’s new in LiberTV11?

LiberTV11 is an Apple TV  jailbreak for tvOS 11-11.1 firmware versions. It is developed by the eminent security researcher, Jonathan Levin aka Morpheus.

It is based on Ian Beer’s async_wake exploit and uses hacker Xerub’s KPPless technique to pwn your Apple TV.  It will never kernel panics since there’s no KPP bypass in this tool.


As of now, it doesn’t do anything and is absolutely useless for the average user. The only thing that works is SSH access and that is something only advanced users use.

Here’s the complete installation tutorial for this jailbreak for tvOS 11 firmware.



You can only use this tool with Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4k models. All other older models are incompatible and will not work.


Here’s the complete list of all supported tvOS versions –

  • tvOS 11.0
  • tvOS 11.1

All other versions such as tvOS 11.2 and 11.2.1 are incompatible and will not work with this jailbreak.

Download LiberTV11


  • A compatible Apple TV device
  • tvOS 11 firmware
  • A computer running macOS, Linux, or Windows
  • Internet connection

How to jailbreak Apple TV 4/4k with LiberTV11

IPA signing 

Apple TV 4

Step 1 Firstly, start Cydia Impactor utility. If you don’t have it on your computer, grab its latest version from here.

Step 2 Download the IPA file using the direct link above.

Step 3 Connect your set-top box to the computer with a cable. Now drag this IPA file onto Impactor’s window with your mouse.


Step 4 It will now prompt you to enter your Apple ID credentials, enter them in their respective fields.

Apple TV 4k

Since Apple TV 4k doesn’t have a USB cable, Cydia Impactor doesn’t support it. Remember, this process will work only on a Mac.

Step 1 Connect your set-top box to the computer wirelessly.

Step 2 Now open Xcode and create a new iOS/tvOS application.

Step 3 Enter any name and identifier such as com.abcd.libertv. Once XCode throws an error, click on Fix Issue.

Step 4 It will now prompt you to sign in with your Apple ID. Select Add and press Choose when it displays your Apple ID.

Step 5 Navigate to the Capabilities tab and enable App Groups. 

Step 6 Add a new group like this – and click on Fix Issue.

Step 7 Download iOS App Signer v1.9 utility from this link. Launch it and sign the LiberTV11.ipa file with your newly created provisioning profile.

Step 8 Add any App Display Name and click Start.

iOS App Signer

Step 9 Open XCode and click on Devices. 

Step 10 Press “+” and select the IPA file to install it.

Run the jailbreak app

Step 1 Once the sideload process is over, start the LiberTV application from the Apple TV interface.

Step 2 Press the Click Me button to start the jailbreak process.

Step 3 Once it is done, press OK. 


That’s all there’s to it! Your set-top box will now be jailbroken.

Future Updates

  • That’s all there’s to it! The developer also intends to backport this tool to older versions (tvOS 10.x). Although these versions already have a jailbreak, this new version is more stable since it uses the KPPless method.
  • There are also plans to include arbitrary code injection in this tool. This is, again, useless for the average user.
  • Moreover, an update for devices running iOS 11 is also underway right now. According to Levin, it will be dropping sometime tomorrow.

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