LiberiOS – iOS 11-11.1.2 Jailbreak for 64-bit devices

Morpheus has just released an iOS 11-11.1.2 jailbreak as he promised. Here’s how you can download it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

What is LiberiOS?

LiberiOS is a semi-untethered iOS 11 jailbreak tool based on Ian Beer’s async_wake kernel exploit. It is developed by the eminent security researcher, Jonathan Levin.

It is the most stable and fleshed out tool when compared to existing tools such as to.panga.

Jailbreak updateHere’s what you can do with this tool right now –

  • Access root filesystem
  • Escape Sandbox protection
  • Escape root
  • Install self-signed arbitrary binaries
  • SSH access
  • Disable automatic iOS updates

I highly recommend NOT to use this tool just now. It is still in early development phases and it shall become more stable with future updates.

Warning – I and the developer assume no responsibility if you brick your device with this tool. It is meant to be used by developers only.

Why isn’t Cydia working yet?

Cydia is not present in this tool, at the moment. The reason behind this is that Saurik is yet to push a Substrate update for KPPless jailbreak.

A package installer is essential for installing and running unsigned code such as tweaks. Therefore, it doesn’t contain anything interesting for the average user.


This is indeed a full jailbreak and you will be able to run Cydia tweaks once an update comes.




  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus
  • iPhone 6s/6s plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7/7 plus
  • iPhone 8/8 plus
  • iPhone X


  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 4


  • iPod touch 6

Missing offsets

A lot of devices are still missing offsets and will become compatible once the developer adds them. It may or may not work on your device in its present state.

Here’s a list of devices that are incompatible due to missing offsets –

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6/6+ (11.0/11.0.1)
  • iPhone 6s (11.0)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st generation) (
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini 2


Here’s the complete list of supported iOS firmware versions –

  • 11
  • 11.0.1
  • 11.0.2
  • 11.0.3
  • 11.1
  • 11.1.1
  • 11.1.2

All versions that are above iOS 11.1.2 are incompatible and will not work with this tool.

Download LiberiOS


January 19 – Stable build which contains many fixes. Cydia will never be included in this tool.

December 30 – Version 11.0.1 is out now. It comes with the following improvements –

  • Support for all 64-bit devices
  • Better stability
  • Arbitrary dylib injection


  • A compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • iOS 11 firmware
  • Cydia Impactor
  • Internet connection

How to install LiberiOS jailbreak on iOS 11-11.1.2

Step 1 Start Cydia Impactor sideload tool. If you don’t have it on your computer, you can download it from this link.

Step 2 Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 3 Download the IPA file using the link above.

Step 4 Drag it over to Cydia Impactor’s window to start the installation.


Step 5 Enter your Apple ID details.

Step 6 Wait for the installation process to finish.

Step 7 LiberiOS app will now appear on your device’s home screen.

liberios jailbreak

Step 8 Tap the Do It button to start the jailbreak process.

Step 9 Once it finishes, you can use SSH access on your device.

liberiOS jailbreak SSH

Future updates

  • Adding more offsets for several devices.
  • Add Cydia installer once Saurik releases an update for Substrate.
  • More stable versions are coming soon.
  • Code injection ability.

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