LaughingQuoll vs ijapija00 Beef Escalates to Dangerous Levels

Time for yet another drama post. The beef between LaughingQuoll and ijapija00 has recently escalated to dangerous levels. Here’s what transpired between the two tweak developers.

ijapija00 threatens to crack LaughingQuoll’s Tweaks

As you know, ijapija00 recently issued a massive apology to the entire jailbreak community. However, the “new and  “reformed” ijapija00 didn’t last too long and it seems like the Swedish developer is back to his old ways.

What happened is LaughingQuoll hurled expletives at him, called him names, and also denied him the opportunity to test his upcoming tweaks.

This made ijapija00 absolutely furious and he began developing tweaks with similar functionality.

Moreover, he also threatened to get all tweaks developed by LaughingQuoll cracked by a “near friend”.

Here’s a tweet from LaughingQuoll’s account that proves this.

ControlCenterXI and LockscreenXI Cracked

Recently, cracked versions of ControlCenterXI and LockscreenXI surfaced on a new Cydia repo. Here’s the full URL of this new repo –

This repo belongs to a cracker named Matthias Krantz aka Kalloc Master. Suspiciously enough, the join date of his Twitter account is “June 2017”, when this entire ordeal unfolded.

Upon some digging, LaughingQuoll was able to corroborate that it actually was an alternative account of ijapija00.

Here’s another tweet from his account.

ijapija00 Banned from BigBoss and ModMyi Repo

The admins of popular repositories were following the tweets and promptly took stock of the situation. Dennis Bednarz, the administrator of ModMyi repo, permanently banned him from uploading tweaks.

He was also banned by BigBoss, the largest and most popular Cydia repository.

Here are the tweaks he has copied thus far –

While competition is a great thing for the community, stooping to such a low level is quite the opposite. Here’s to hoping the young developer will clean up his act and return to the community once again.

With ijapija00 back to his antics, would you consider buying his tweaks in the future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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