LaughingQuoll announces support for Hurricane Harvey victims

Cydia tweak developer LaughingQuoll has just announced support for Hurrican Harvey victims. Here’s what the generous developer will be doing.

LaughingQuoll’s earnings to go to Direct Relief

Eminent developer LaughingQuoll has just announced support for Hurricane Harvey victims. He will be donating all proceeds from his tweaks to the Direct Relief nonprofit organization for the next week.

As you know, Hurrican Harvey is ravaging some parts of Texas state in the US. This is a welcome move and speaks volumes about how good a human being he is who deeply cares about the jailbreak community.


Initially, he decided to donate to Red Cross. However, when a lot of Texans told me him to donate to a different charity, he promptly chose Direct Relief.

If you want to donate to the victims, you can purchase any of his Cydia tweaks. He has also encouraged community members to donate directly to relief organizations.

Is this an act to gain sympathy?

Some users are already complaining about this gesture, saying, “he is doing this because his Cydia tweaks are buggy and overpriced”. LaughingQuoll is not forcing anyone to buy his new tweaks.

While I do think he can provide better support for his tweaks, this is not the time to discuss that.


This isn’t the first act of generosity by LaughingQuoll, he already gives away all his tweaks for free to anyone who donates to a charity. He is not putting up an act, that’s for sure.

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