Tweak developers launch a DDoS attack on Kiiimo Cydia repo

The jailbreak scene is abuzz with the recent development that some tweak developers attacked Kiiimo Cydia repo. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Who downed Kiiimo Cydia repository?

As you already know, pirate sources like Kiiimo upload almost all paid tweaks for free. This led to some disgruntled tweak developers exacting revenge on pirates.

They attacked Kiiimo’s servers and the site remained down for a good thirteen hours.

The owner of Kiiimo Cydia repo, Kimo Al-Rashed, got a kick out of the whole fiasco. He kept sending out one tweet after another poking fun at the tweak developers while still sharing their paid tweaks.

Kimo also called out tweak developer Chloe Kuznetsov and challenged her to hack his website. Chloe has since deleted her Twitter account.


Apparently, some developers of the Auxilium Development Team were involved in the DDoS attack. However, lead developer M4cs was quick to deny this allegation leveled against him by jailbreakers.

Though he did threaten to take the repository down, he never went through with his plan.

What next?

Kimo Al-Rashed quickly addressed the issue and got his repo back online within hours.

Again, this is not an endorsement of the aforementioned source and I highly suggest you steer clear of pirate sources.


Some developers also intend to take legal action against the repo owner for distributing paid software. Whether or not they will succeed, however, is another story.

As an aside, DDoS attacks are considered a federal crime in the US and several other nations. This is precisely why the developers who did it came under fire from jailbreak community members.

What’s your take on this incident? Reply below.

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