KickstartA4 – Tethered Boot iPhone 4 and older devices

There is no news regarding an iOS 11 jailbreak but the legacy jailbreak community is teeming with updates. Here’s a new tool that lets you tethered boot with a click.

What is KickstartA4?

KickstartA4 utility allows you to tether boot your iOS device into a firmware you have downgraded to. It is developed by Lazy Dev Team members, Hacks4Live and iPhoneGuy1101.

iphone 3gs jailbreak

It utilizes redsn0w jailbreak tool for tethered booting. As far as compatibility goes, this tool supports legacy 32-bit devices only. The developer will also be adding support for other devices as well shortly.


Here’s the list of all models that are compatible at the time of writing of this article.

  • iPad 1G (iOS 3.2/Tethered)
  • iPod 3G (iOS 4.1/Untethered)
  • iPod 4G (iOS 4.3/Tethered)
  • iPhone 3GS (iOS 4.1/Untethered)
  • iPhone 4 (iOS 4.0.2/Tethered)
  • iPhone 4 rev2 (iOS 6.1.2/Tethered)

Download KickstartA4

How to use KickstartA4 for tethered booting 

Step 1 Download the program using the link above.

Step 2 Put your iPhone, iPad or iPod in DFU mode and connect it to your computer.

Step 3 Run the .hta file and select your device and firmware version. It will also run a CMD window in the background. You must keep it running as it downloads several essential files.


Step 4 The tool will now display two options –

  • Install
  • Just Boot

Step 5 Select the Just Boot options and you will boot back into your target iOS firmware version.

Lazy Dev Team members only work with older or legacy devices and firmware versions. If you have a 32-bit device lying around, this tool will surely come in handy for you.

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