Kairos 2 – Simple Message Scheduling for iOS 10

Another day, another tweak. Today we have a new tweak on our hands that deals with messaging. Here’s how it works.

How Kairos 2 Works

The native Messaging app is good, but not good enough for power users. Thankfully, a new Cydia tweak called Kairos 2 brings several new options designed specifically for jailbreak power users.

Kairos 2 Cydia tweak is a useful Messaging enhancement that allows you to schedule messages. It is the brainchild of eminent tweak developer CPDigitalDarkroom.

Kairos 2 is especially useful for those users who are always on-the-go. It helps you stay productive while still allowing you to keep a tab on the essentials.

Here’s how this tweak looks like in action.


Here are some use cases for this tweak –

  • Keep your work life balance intact by scheduling important work messages.
  • Schedule project updates automatically and stay in touch with your colleagues/team all the time.
  • Shoot a scheduled message to forgetful friends or family members and remind them of whatever you wish to.
  • Stay connected and automatically deliver birthday and anniversary wishes.

The latest iteration of Kairos brings several new “smart” features that were missing from the older version. Here’s what’s new in version 2 –

Repeating Messages

This feature allows you to send canned messages on specific days of the week. It works in an “intelligent” manner by randomizing the send time for messages.

Simply select in Settings the earliest and latest time for a message to be sent. Kairos 2 will take care of the rest and automatically choose a random time between the given timeframe.

This prevents the user on the receiving end from knowing that you are scheduling messages.

Smart Airplane Toggle

Messaging functionality gets disabled as soon as you enable airplane mode. Kairos 2 tackles this issue with a smart workaround.

It automatically disables airplane mode and ensures your message is delivered. One the message is sent, it automatically re-enables airplane mode. This feature is useful when you enable Airplane mode and have a message scheduled around the same time.

I highly recommend you keep this feature switched on all the time.

Smart Battery Send

Smart Battery Send is yet another smart feature of this tweak. It lets you set a minimum battery percentage at which scheduled messages within an hour will be dispatched automatically.

This option is incredibly useful when you are running low on battery.

Keep this option enabled for added security. I recommend it setting the battery threshold at 10-15 percent.

Modern User Interface

The brand spanking new user interface blends in really well with the native iOS firmware. You will no longer feel as if you are running a tweak.

kairos2 tweak

If you feel this tweak is not as good as BiteSMS, then you are not alone. However, new additions make Kairos 2 a simple yet plausible BiteSMS alternative for iOS 10-10.2.

Download Kairos 2 Tweak

Although nothing can ever replace BiteSMS, Kairos 2 still worth a try. Recommended.

It is a free upgrade for those who own the older version of this tweak. You can send your Cydia ID to the developer to receive an upgrade.

Kairos 2 is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo for $2.99. It is compatible with iOS 10.

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