It getting hot in here! – Display Temperature in Status bar

Another day, another tweak. This new tweak aims to make knowing your weather a breeze. Here’s how it works.

How It getting hot in here! works

Although Weather app is a dandy way to check the weather out, there are other ways that are more accessible than that. For example, adding the temperature data to your Status bar is, for sure, the most accessible way to keep track of your weather.

Since stock iOS doesn’t have this functionality, here’s a jailbreak tweak that brings this exact same feature to iOS.

As its name suggests, It getting hot in here! Cydia tweak adds the current temperature to your Status bar. It is developed by tweak developer Wizages.

Here’s how this amazing tweak looks like in action.


It’s pretty lightweight and doesn’t cause any sort of battery drain. The reason behind this is that iOS fetches the temperature data hourly and not in real-time.

Although Wizages has quit the jailbreak community, he returned specifically to develop this tweak. The reason being that another developer was working on a similar paid tweak.

This irked him because it was too simple a tweak to be sold as a paid package on Cydia.

Download It getting hot in here! tweak

This is a great tweak if you live somewhere where it’s getting really hot! Even if you happen to live in a chilly location, you can still derive benefit from this tweak. Recommended.

If it sends your device into Safe mode, I suggest you remove it as soon as possible. The developer doesn’t have a jailbroken device anymore and has quit jailbreak development.

It getting hot in here! is available for download on Wizages Cydia repo ( for free. It is compatible only with iOS 10.

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