iPhone X – All Features and Technical Specifications Explained

Apple has finally unveiled its most advanced smartphone till date – the iPhone X. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Apple has been working on this masterpiece for years. This new smartphone kickstarts a new era of modern technology.

Designed from the ground up

Apple was playing it safe and sticking to a tried and tested design since the last three generations. However, all of that changes with the new iPhone X.

This smartphone comes with an “infinity” screen that encompasses the edges of the device, except the speaker. This feature will be used to counter Samsung’s growing influence in the display arena.


Apart from that, the physical Home button, present since the very first iPhone, has now been removed altogether.

The front and back portion of the smartphone is composed of glass, with a steel edge which acts as a tether for both these portions. This is reminiscent of the design of all devices older than the iPhone 6.

A new 5.8-inch OLED Display

Rumors confirmed that the upcoming iPhone will have an OLED screen a year before the actual release. This smartphone does come with a new 5.8-inch high-resolution OLED display with a stunning contrast.

Apple has labeled this the “Super Retina” display. It will support Ultra HD and HDR standards for crystal-clear quality.

This will allow us to access the best content in the best quality possible.

A11 Bionic Six-core CPU

The new iPhone X comes with a new six-core processor called the A11 Bionic. It will be the most powerful processor ever designed by the Cupertino giant.

This processor will contain six-cores as opposed to four cores present in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. These cores work together in pairs and hence there will be 3 pairs in the A11 Bionic chip.

One of them will be reserved exclusively for demanding tasks and the other two for less powerful tasks.

Consequently, all the new up and coming features such as ARKit will work best on the iPhone X.

It will also provide unparalleled processing power and energy efficiency. This means Apple will continue to dominate all popular benchmarks just like before.

Better battery life and Wireless charge

Battery life has always been an issue with pretty much all iPhone models. This is about to change with the new iPhone. It will have a two-hour improvement on the iPhone 7.

The brand new OLED screen and new processor contribute heavily to its battery life. They have been designed keeping in mind the battery needs of users in 2017.

After a long time, Apple has finally leaped into the world of wireless charging. iPhone X, along with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, now comes with wireless charging technology. It is based on the “Qi” standard.

AR-ready Dual Cameras

Apple first introduced dual camera in the iPhone 7, which came out a year back. The iPhone X will not only feature dual cameras, they will also be fully AR-ready.

The new cameras have a vertical orientation, with the flash sandwiched in between the two cameras. This has been done on purpose so as to make the device compatible with ARKit.

The front sensor will allow you to create Animojis, which are essentially emojis based on your facial expressions. You can send them through iMessage and other chat applications (in the future).

It will also have selfies with portrait effect, now called “TrueDepth”.


FaceID is the name of the new security mechanism implemented by Apple in its latest flagship device. With facial recognition, Apple is looking to compete with its arch-rival Samsung and counter a similar security mechanism present in the Galaxy S8.

FaceID will make use of the two front cameras to recognize the device owner through a series of sophisticated three-dimensional scans. It will work exactly like TouchID and you can use it authorize your App Store purchases and use with Apple Pay.

Surprisingly, it can recognize the owner in low light conditions and even when the device rests on a table.

It won’t be long until Apple fully ditches TouchID and move exclusively towards FaceID in upcoming iPhone models.

Price and availability

The price, as expected, is outrageously high. It absolutely pips any and all devices currently available on the market or that were released by Apple before.

The new iPhone X will have two different versions with 64 and 256 GB. The 64 GB variant will cost $999, whereas the 256 GB model will cost $1,149.00.

The pre-orders will start from 27 October and the device will start shipping from 3 November. No matter which model you choose to go for, it will still end up burning a big hole in your pocket.

Technical Specifications

 Feature Description
Dimensions 14.36 cm Height / 7.09 cm Width / 0.77 cm Thickness
Weight 174 grams
Display Super Retina Display OLED 5.8 “458 ppi
Battery Estimated to be around two hours longer than iPhone 7
Processor A11 Bionic 4 + 2 cores
OS iOS 11
Storage 64/256 GB
Camera 12 MP, True Tone, and 4K / 60 FPS Recording, TrueDepth 7 MP with 3D Sensor for Face ID
Other Face ID, wireless charging, fast charging, water and dust resistance IP68, stereo speakers, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer
Price $999 (64 GB) / $1149 (256 GB)

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