Apple Store Employee leaks iPhone X Unboxing video online!

Although Apple is yet to ship iPhone X to the users, an Apple Store employee seems to have leaked its unboxing video already. Watch the full video below.

iPhone X Unboxing video leaks online

As soon as Apple’s latest flagship smartphone went for pre-order, it began selling like crack and was sold out within minutes.

Now, several photos and a video of the iPhone X have leaked online ahead of its formal release.

These photos clearly show stacks of smartphones lying around in an Apple Store. When the employee unboxes an iPhone X, there are several accessories, an instruction manual in the box along with the smartphone.

iPhone X unboxing

Here’s yet another photo of the contents of the box. The silhouette of the photographer is clearly visible on the back portion of the smartphone. This photo was taken somewhere in America.

Here’s a brief video of the unboxing.

iPhone X unboxing video leaks online

Posted by Yalu Jailbreak on Sunday, October 29, 2017

What now?

The higher-ups at Apple will obviously not like videos of their flagship device being leaked before it goes on sale.

This gives the impression that any employee can tinker around with Apple’s smartphones before a customer purchases it. Such a lapse in Apple’s supply chain also earns the company a bad reputation.

A while back, an iOS security engineer was fired from his job because a jailbreak developer found loopholes in the iOS SEP. This leads me to believe that the Apple employee who did this will certainly be fired.

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