LG employee leaks first photos of the upcoming iPhone X plus

Although September is a good few months away, the rumor mill is abuzz with chit-chat about Apple’s upcoming smartphones. Today, new photos of iPhone X plus were leaked by a Vietnamese worker.

iPhone X plus’ leaked photos reveal its display and digitizer 

The very first photos of Apple’s upcoming smartphone are coming in from LG’s manufacturing facility located in Vietnam. Needless to say, an insider had a hand in this.

The first photo reveals the huge display size of the iPhone X plus, Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone.

This might be one of the 6.5-inch and 6.1-inch OLED screens that Apple will include in its upcoming lineup.

The upper section of the panel houses the sensors while the lower section contains the speakers.

The second photo reveals what looks like the digitizer of the iPhone X plus. It also has a design that is similar to that of the original iPhone X.

The manufacturing date on the digitizer (week 46) suggests that it has a manufacturing date of November 2017.

iPhone X plus

Unsurprisingly, the notch is still present in this model. All current rumors point towards the existence of the infamous notch that is relatively smaller in size.

When will Apple release the iPhone X plus?

These images clearly indicate that LG is already producing display units for Apple.

With the manufacturing process in full swing, we can expect Apple to roll out their upcoming smartphones without any delays.

The Cupertino giant aims to add three new modern smartphone models to its roster this year.

If you are eager to get your hands on one of these devices, you must wait until the September event. These smartphones will be released sometime in October 2018 once Tim Cook unveils them.

Will you wait for these models or stick to the tried-and-trusted iPhone X? Leave your comments below.

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