Apple’s internal iPhone X battery replacement guide leaked

A YouTube channel named “Arman Haji” leaked Apple’s confidential iPhone X battery replacement guide a few weeks back. Check out the video below.

iPhone X Battery replacement guide leaked

The video shows a repair technician removing the battery from an iPhone X using tweezers. The technician then slides in the new battery using nitrile gloves and uses a tool to firmly place the battery.

This isn’t the only leaked video this channel has, you can also find other classified “Apple internal” material detailing how to replace the iMac display.

Surprisingly, older Apple internal videos had a white background and an “Apple Confidential: For internal use only” intro. This indicates that these videos, though secret, might be distributed for Apple Authorized Service Providers.

Moreover, these guides have QR codes and other security mechanisms that allow Apple to trace the technician who leaked it.

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Repair guides like these should be public by law. However, Apple doesn’t distribute replacement parts for its own devices individually and doesn’t need to make its guides public.

Just like other classified material like iPhone’s baseband source code, Apple will take down these videos very soon. Save and download this video as soon as possible if you plan to tinker around with your iPhone’s battery, for research purposes of course.

You can easily source battery and other service parts later on from authorized OEM distributors.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that these guides might a bit too technical for the average user and you will be much better off getting an expert to help you out.

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