Hacker Elias Limneos Unlocks iPhone’s Ultra-secure NFC Chip

Hacker Elias Limneos has just unlocked iPhone’s NFC chip. Watch the complete video demonstration below.

Greek Hacker Elias Limneos Cracks Open iPhone’s NFC Chip

Greek developer Elias Limneos has been popular on the jailbreak scene for his Cydia tweaks. He has recently been hogging all the limelight by unlocking iPhone’s ultra-secure NFC chip.

The possibilities are really endless with an unlocked iPhone NFC chip. Firstly, this will allow all jailbroken devices to communicate freely with other NFC devices.

Secondly, this enough proof that Elias is delving into the security side of iOS and we can expect some more exploits in the future.

He also uploaded a video on Youtube demonstrating his exploit.

It would be great if he releases a Cydia tweak for NFC. Even if Elias decides not to release it, this is a huge development in itself.

According to this tweet, he does intend to release it.

If he decides not to take this project further, he should at least open source his proof of concept. This would allow developers to work on it take it to new heights.

How does NFC Technology work?

For the uninitiated, NFC (Near-Field Communication) is a communication protocol similar to Bluetooth. It allows two devices to establish a communication channel by bringing them within a distance of 4 centimeters of each other.

NFC technology is primarily used in smartphones for enabling payment systems. It can also allow your device to be utilized as a key card and carry electronic documents.

iphone nfc chip unlock

Since Elias is a tweak developer, he should integrate Activator with his NFC tweak. If this happens, it would become way too powerful.

You can use your iPhone to unlock your house, open the garage and turn the lights on simply by swiping an NFC tag.

This technology is rather new and hence, still in infancy. It hasn’t found much use because Bluetooth pretty much does everything NFC is supposed to do while offering better range and sped.

However, NFC technology is slowly gaining traction as more manufacturers are integrating it in their devices.

Is an “unlocked” NFC Chip dangerous?

Even though “unlocked” hardware is a potential security hazard, an unlocked NFC chip won’t make Apple Pay any less secure.

Apple’s Apple Pay payment system is very secure and stores all your data in a separate chip.

apple pay nfc

This means any independent NFC device will not be able to hack into the Apple Pay information stored on your iPhone.

Considering Apple’s penchant for security, it’s unlikely they will ever unlock NFC on newer devices. All in all, this is your best bet if you want to get more out of your device.

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