5 Features iPhone 8 Should Steal from Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s new revolutionary device, Galaxy S8, is here and will be out soon. Let’s find out how Apple should counter Samsung’s growing market share.

As we know, the new flagship smartphone by Samsung truly changes things. It is the most advanced smartphone in the market offering features that were considered impossible until recently.

samsung galaxy s8

Apple’s iPhone 8 must offer features if it truly wants to compete with S8. I have compiled a list of 5 features that iPhone 8 should try to incorporate in the upcoming iPhone.

Futuristic Design

Apple needs to do something revolutionary this year. It just can’t create a new iPhone 6 ripoff and call it the iPhone 8, like it did with the iPhone 7.

Apple needs to come out with a new design that truly makes heads turn. Apple could go for a curved design. However, this seems highly unlikely as new prototypes show the iPhone 8 having a flat design.


The curved glass acts as a nice addition to the main display and allows quick access to various applications.

Infinite Screen

Samsung has absolutely nailed the infinite display in the Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Apple should focus on keeping the display as big as possible while still keeping the dimensions intact. Excluding the camera, speaker and other in-device components, every millimeter of iPhone 8 should be interactive.

iphone 8 infinite display

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is powered by an AMOLED screen and offers much sharper and clear display quality. Forget the infinite display, Apple is still playing catch up and yet to incorporate OLED technology in its device.

Here’s a demonstration of S8’s display –

Iris Scanner

Apple needs to take its Touch ID feature up a notch and add a new layer of security to its devices. To compete with S8, iPhone 8 must have an iris scanner.

iphone 8 iris scanner

An iris scanner provides a whole another level of security. Along with security, it also improves accessibility and productivity manifold as you can unlock your device without using your hands.

Wireless charge

At this point, we all know Apple is working on including wireless charging in iPhone 8. Along with the iPhone 8, wireless charging may also be added to iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus.

The wireless charging will look something like this –


This wireless charging will function akin to Apple Watch. It will significantly increase the ease of use and comfort while charging the iPhone 8.


If all these features weren’t enough, Samsung has also added another innovative feature to the S8 – DeX. 

samsung DeX

DeX is a dock that allows you to connect your smartphone to an external device such as a monitor, keyboard or mouse. This effectively turns your device into an “Android computer”.

This provides a complete desktop experience right on your device. I really doubt that Apple will add something this feature to the iPhone 8. If it really does add something like this, iPhone 8 will simply be unbeatable.

This feature is valuable for those who are always on the go. Here’s a video demonstration of DeX.

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