4 Reasons Why iPhone 8 will cost more than $1000

iPhone 8 will be released in late 2017. Since this will be Apple’s 10th-anniversary device, it is bound to be revolutionary. Let’s analyze the new innovative features it will get.

Let’s analyze the new innovative features and how much it will cost.

iPhone 8 will feature a revamped design and advanced new features. Without a doubt, Apple’s knows their flagship device will sell like hot cakes. It is speculated that the new iPhone will cost more than $1000. Here’s why.

AMOLED Display

iPhone 8 will be the first Apple smartphone to get the AMOLED technology. The earlier devices make use of the outdated LCD technology. AMOLED technology is newer and makes the screen appear sharper and crisp. This new technology also consumes less battery.


Apple will also ditch the physical Home button for a virtual on-screen button.

The smartphone will also boast of a 5.8 inches display. Its stunning design will likely remove display edges and integrate the Home button in the display itself.

However, AMOLED display comes with a price. The production costs for AMOLED displays are about twice as high. Hence, Apple will be forced to increase the price of iPhone 8.

Implementing 3D Touch on this display is also complicated. Only the iPhone 8 is expected to get AMOLED technology whereas iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will retain the LCD display.

Advanced Hardware

Apple hasn’t yet disclosed the processor that will be used in their new flagship device. However, it will surely be much faster and powerful than the A10 processor of iPhone 7.

iPhone 8 processor

As far as other components are concerned, it will ship with iOS 11 firmware and 3 GB RAM. It is likely to get storage space of 256 GB, which is huge.

iPhone 8 is also speculated to receive other features like Touch Bar and augmented reality integration.

Facial recognition

iPhone 8 will feature a front camera that will be revolutionary. It will also contain an integrated 3D sensor.

There have been reports of Apple working with Lumentum for manufacturing 3D sensors for their devices. Further details are not known at the moment.

iphone 8 facial recognition

Lumentum’s 3D sensors used in the camera will incorporate facial recognition in iPhone 8. The front camera will be able to do complex calculations using dedicated infrared transmitters and emitters from Sony.

The infrared signals are emitted and when they bounce against objects, they return to the phone and are then picked up by a 1.4MP receiver.

Facial recognition will definitely replace the TouchID feature. It will work for tasks such as unlocking, locking certain apps, payments.

Wireless charging

iPhone 8 will feature the much anticipated wireless charging feature. Since Apple has opted for bigger and better batteries, iPhone 8 will have a solid battery life.


This charging feature will be based on the principle of Apple Watch.

Apple’s decision to use premium hardware components will make iPhone 8 go for more than a $1000. This will burn a big hole in everyone’s pocket.

Will you buy it or will you stick to your iPhone 7?

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