iPhone 8 will bring “Pearl ID” Facial Recognition to Apple Pay

HomePod firmware is revealing interesting details about the iPhone 8. Recently, Apple’s smart speaker has brought forth new revelations about Apple Pay.

“Pearl ID” Facial Recognition coming to iPhone 8

According to a new leak, the iPhone 8 will not have Touch ID, instead, it will feature a very accurate facial recognition mechanism. This facial recognition feature will be also be integrated with Apple Pay.

Several developers have confirmed this rumor. The data in the HomePod firmware indicates that Apple has already developed facial recognition for authenticating Apple Pay payments.

However, some developers are of the opinion that Pearl ID will not be used with Apple Pay. Here’s the code that contains references to “Pearl ID”.


Pearl ID will likely be the name of Apple’s facial recognition system according to the developers. The fields “pearl.field-detect” and “pearl.pre-arm” will be used to verify the facial features of the user.

Further details about this upcoming feature are not known yet.

Is Pearl Id secure?

The inclusion of this feature in iPhone 8 is making a lot of users paranoid and rightly so. However, there’s nothing you really need to worry about as facial recognition will, in fact, be more secure than fingerprint detection.

iphone 8 facial recognition

The reason being the more data verification measures needed to fully authenticate financial transactions.

HomePod firmware has already revealed important information like the absence of Touch ID in the upcoming iPhone, smart camera, etc.

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