This $500 Chinese Device can Hack any iPhone 7/7+ Passcode!

$500 – yes, that’s all it takes to hack the passcode of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, Apple’s latest flagship devices. Here’s how you can hack a passcode.

Chinese device hacks iPhone 7 passcodes

A new Chinese $500 box-like device can hack into your passcode automatically! This tool is based on a recovery mode security vulnerability that allows it to input an infinite amount of passcodes.

It looks very primitive at the very outset but packs incredible power for such a small device. It comes with 3 USB slots, which allows the hacker to hack 3 iPhone devices simultaneously.

Furthermore, it also has with its own hacking software that has a number of options pertaining to the cracking technique you want to use.

To initiate the hack, your device must be in the “flash” state, that is, must be undergoing the restore process.

The hacking methodology is very similar to a WiFi attack. It performs a classic brute-force attack and tries every combination of all the numbers until it gets it right.

Even if it does take time, it will still eventually cracking up the passcode since it can perform any number of attempts.

Will Apple close this loophole?

Yes, of course. Apple will be closing this major loophole as soon as possible now that this tool is public. As far as I know, it has already been closed in iOS 11.

With that said, you do not have to wait for them to fix every loophole or vulnerability. You can simply use several basic security functions already at your disposal to stay safe.


The best way to secure your device is to use an alphabetic password. Doing so will practically render all brute-force tools useless because they will then need to go through a humongous amount of combinations that could take up years.

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