Verbose Restore achieved for the first time on iPad mini

While the jailbreak community is in a downward spiral, legacy development scene flourishes. Legacy developers just achieved a verbose restore for the first time on an iPad.

Verbose Restoring the A5 iPad mini

Verbose mode displays all processes and actions in real-time. Just like verbose boot, verbose restore also shows all actions that are performed during a restore in real-time.

According to Nyan Satan, this mode was available in older versions such as iOS 3, which dumped the restore log in the root filesystem. However, Apple scrapped this feature in newer firmware updates.

This is why your iPhone displays an Apple logo and a progress bar while performing a restore.

Nevertheless, your system performs the same actions at the lower level just as in a verbose restore.

iPad mini

Surprisingly, restore logs are still accessible on-device or with a tool like iDeviceRestore when a restore fails. 

Though it’s no longer to perform a verbose restore out-of-the-box, you can still patch the restored_external to access it.

For the uninitiated, the restored_external daemon handles the firmware restore process.

This patching method involves using a disassembler utility like IDA Pro. Nyan Satan was the first developer to test this method on an iPhone 3GS.

Here’s the video of the verbose restore by b1n4r1b01.

Another user Tilly also managed to perform a similar restore a few days back.

Where does this leave us?

This is completely irrelevant to the modern jailbreak scene that focuses on the latest firmware and devices.

The legacy jailbreak scene, too, doesn’t benefit much from it since older models already have all necessary tools available publicly.

With that being said, this patching method will allow developers to have more fun with older devices such as the iPad mini.

The verbose mode itself is useless and serves no purpose except for making your device look cool.

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