Apple’s about to kill off its iPad mini lineup

We are less than a month away from Apple’s iPhone event. Everything seems to indicate that we will see a massive refresh of Apple devices, except for the iPad mini.

iPad mini will not get a refresh in 2018

iPad is without a doubt the most popular tablet in the world, as is evidenced by its impressive quarterly sales figures.

In addition to its reliability and Apple’s mature ecosystem, the iPad’s biggest advantage is that it comes in different sizes with different hardware specifications. Each of these models caters to a specific market segment.

Some users like to use 12.9-inch behemoths whereas some users prefer the more mobile 7.9-inch iPad mini. However, concerns have been raised over the usefulness of the iPad mini.

According to DigiTimes, Apple is focusing its efforts solely on the new iPad, iPhone 9, and 13-inch MacBook Air. 

iPad Mini

As for the iPad mini, the Cupertino giant is in no mood to renew the mini-tablet and might as well kill it off after the September event.

Before each major event, Apple takes its website goes “offline” to add new products. Once the online store becomes operational, users can purchase or pre-order new devices.

On the other hand, obsolete equipment and accessories are also removed from the product catalog. If DigiTimes’ report is anything to go by, iPad mini 4 might just be the next product to go off the shelves of the Apple Store.

Why the iPad mini is dead already

With the arrival of phablet-sized iPhones, iPad mini’s sales took a nosedive. Moreover, the possibility of using Apple Pencil with newer models also made the “plus” iPhone models a worthwhile purchase.

All things considered, the 4th-generation iPad mini will probably be the last iteration of the mini lineup. However, we do firmly believe that Apple will refresh the lineup in the distant future.

iPad mini

If you’re thinking about buying a mini, do not worry as the tablet will still be available for purchase for a few more months.

What do you think? Has the iPad Mini 4 outlived its usefulness? Leave your comments below.

(Source – DigiTimes)


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