How to get student discount for iPad 6G and Apple Pencil

The latest sixth-generation iPad 6G is perfect for students and average users alike. Here’s how you can avail Apple’s student discount without actually being a student.

Who can avail Apple’s student discount?

Apple’s “Education Pricing” program is reserved only for students and teachers. If we go by the book, only the following individuals can avail the student discount –

  • College students and their parents
  • School and college teachers
  • Homeschool teachers/parents

But does Apple really ask for an appropriate proof or student ID? No.

9.7-inch iPad 2018

The profit margin of iPad, MacBooks and other Apple devices is so high that they simply do not care. All they care about is shoving down their shiny new devices down the throats of buyers.

You can use any regular email ID on Apple’s website. There’s no need to have a special “.edu” student email address.

How to get student discount without being a student

For US residents

Step 1 Go to Apple’s Education Pricing store here.

Step 2 Scroll down and select the iPad given in the middle. You can select other models or devices as well.

Step 3 Select your model/color and finalize the purchase like you normally would. You can also pick your device up from a store once you have ordered it.         

This trick works only for US residents. If you try to buy this iPad from an Apple Store, you will need to furnish proper physical proof of your student or teacher status.

Some employees don’t ask for an ID even in Apple Stores because users can get the same discount online without breaking a sweat. Just stick to the online store and you will be golden.

For non-US residents

Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work outside the US. If you are based in another country or location such as the UK or Spain, you must have a verified Unidays account beforehand to avail this discount.

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