iOS Developer mode = Fully Untethered Jailbreak?

Eminent hacker and jailbreak developer Luca Todesco tweeted something interesting a while back. Here’s what he meant by that.

iOS now comes with an inbuilt “developer mode”

Apparently, Apple’s iOS mobile operating system now comes with a developer mode. This means you can easily run unsigned code (Cydia tweaks) on your device without any restrictions whatsoever.

Here’s what Luca wrote in his reply to a Twitter user.

What he means by this is that Apple gives full root access to the user, under certain conditions. However, the average user can’t access this mode without developer privileges.

Here’s how we can make this use of this mode.

  • Develop a semi-untethered or untethered jailbreak using vulnerabilities present in iOS.
  • Enable the stock iOS developer mode.
  • Untether your jailbreak.

PurpleRestore – The missing link

Purple Restore, Apple’s internal restore utility, is the only missing link here. Once we get our hands on a working copy of this tool, we will actually be able to realize this “concept”.

Even though there are a few copies of this software floating around on the internet, we still require a legitimate Apple Connect account with access to Apple’s private signing VPN.


This is just a concept and will probably never be realized for obvious reasons. Apple takes security very seriously and they will never allow users to break open their devices to hackers.

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