iMessage in iOS 12 keeps messages from linked addresses in one conversation

The final update of iOS 12 is all set to introduce a highly-anticipated feature to iMessage. Beginning with iOS 12, your messages from linked addresses will be kept in a single conversation.

Your Conversations Streamlined

For many years, Apple has allowed iMessage users to use an e-mail address as the sender alongside their phone number. This feature is useful if you have to change your number or frequently travel abroad.

However, iOS creates separate conversational threads for email addresses and phone numbers, even if they belong to the same person. With iOS 12, this annoyance will be a thing of the past

If you are already on iOS 12 Beta 8, you will notice a new popup message in iMessage that reads –

Messages will be kept in a single conversation when you send or receive from linked

In other words, if your friend accepts messages not only via his phone number but also via his email address, the messages will you send and receive from him/her will always appear in the same conversation, regardless of whether they were sent to the e-mail address or phone number.

How can you use this feature?

In the future, this feature will be part of all iOS 12 versions. As of now, it is available solely for beta testers who are running iOS 12 Beta 8 on their Apple devices.

Since this feature was introduced only recently, users with a version below iOS 12 Beta 8 can’t use it.

Further, many beta testers have reported that messages to and from the same person are not being added to a single thread.


The final build of iOS 12 is expected to go public in September. Hopefully, this update will bring a much more improved version of this feature to iMessage users.

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