50 changes in iOS 12 Developer Beta 2

The latest beta of iOS 12, that is, the Developer Beta 2 comes with quite a few enhancements. Here’s a quick rundown of all new changes and improvements that are a part of this beta update.

1. Updated Battery usage section 

The Battery section in beta 2 sports a redesign meant to give the user a grip over battery consumption.

2. Improved Screen time

Screen Time now provides more in-depth app management. In the Developer Beta 1, you could only limit app usage time. However, the Developer Beta 2 allows you not only to do that but also access to the usage time.

Moreover, you can check and manage the screen time across all your devices. You just need to ensure all your devices are using the same Apple ID credentials.

Remember, all your previous Screen Time settings will not carry over if you upgrade your device to beta 2.

3. Better performance

Here’s a Geekbench comparison of an iPhone 8 plus running iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 Developer Beta 2.

4. Strong Passwords

Whenever you key in your passcode in a password field, iOS 12 will automatically prompt you to create a strong password for you. You can also invoke Siri to recall your passwords and then copy and paste them wherever you need to.

5. Other improvements

  • Haptic feedback after a Touch ID unlock.
  • The entire screen gets a dark effect in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Entering passcode while using AirPlay blurs the keypad on the screen of the mirrored device.
  • Home button delay reduced.
  • Face ID is faster and smoother than ever.
  • App Store search results are smaller than in the older version.
  • New “SIM locked” interface.
  • Maps widget now asks the user to add home and work address and makes it easy to add pins to these locations.
  • Arrange the “Following” section in the News app.
  • A new “During Bedtime” section now contains all the notifications received while Bedtime Mode is active.
  • The timer sound bug in Beta 1 is fixed.
  • Better spacing between degrees.
  • CarPlay displays the contact badge, not just their nickname while messaging them.
  • Animations in the dots of the passcode screen if the user uses Touch ID or enter the wrong passcode.
  • Apple Watch workouts have new medals.
  • New location icon.
  • New popup for the iCloud keychain.
  • Join Skype events directly from Calendar.

6. Compatibility updates

The following apps are now compatible –

  • Citibank
  • Sparkasse

7. Bugs and glitches

  • Weather widget temporarily stops working.
  • Redesigned search suggestions in the App Store app.
  • Updates from iOS 10.2 to iOS 12 beta 2 are not working as intended.
  • Netflix users can experience crashes.
  • FaceTime group calls with up to 32 participants are not working.
  • CarPlay may not work with some cars.
  • Alarms don’t fire for some users.
  • CarPlay disconnects once the reverse camera turns.
  • Control Center icons are not lined up properly.
  • Taptic engine vibrates too hard while unlocking.
  • Clicking on a Google Hangouts link leads to a crash.
  • SIM doesn’t unlock on boot for some users.
  • Login not working on the Twitter app as well as the web version (Safari).
  • Inflated HomePod count.
  • iMessage not working properly. Users might experience delays while sending messages.
  • iMessage not activating.
  • Private VPN connection (Onavo, OpenVPN, etc) attempt resets and goes back to the login screen.
  • The stock Photos app crashes while editing a slow-motion video.
  • Only Apple TV apps appear in the “Purchased” section.
  • Blacked-out apps in the app switcher.
  • Safari not appearing in the “Screen Time” settings.
  • HomePod can’t hear user’s voice.
  • The “double lock screen Music Player widget” bug from Beta 1 still persists.
  • AirPrint doesn’t work.


This version brings plenty of new features as well as enhances the existing ones. However, it also has its fair share of bugs that have slipped past Apple’s radar.

For those of you who want to update, download the latest beta from this link.

If you come across a new feature in the latest version of iOS 12, please don’t forget to add it in the comments below. 

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