Download iOS 12 Beta 9 without developer account

Apple has just seeded the ninth beta version of iOS 12 to developers. Here’s how you can download and install iOS 12 Beta 9 on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

What’s new in iOS 12 Beta 9?

iOS 12 Beta 9 is by far the most minor update released Unlike its predecessors, it doesn’t resolve a single issue. Its release notes consist entirely of new “features” and “known issues” and are devoid of any “resolve issue”. Surprisingly, the T-Mobile WiFi calling is still present in this version.

iOS 12 Beta 9 weighs around 200-300 MB on all compatible devices and its build number is 16A5362a. As far as new features go, there are plenty of improvements in CoreML.

Apple’s machine learning framework now supports quantized models, flexible image sizes, custom models, and multi-array shapes. In addition, CoreML now has its own Batch prediction API.

iOS 12

If you are enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, this version will be available from the Developer Center. Alternatively, you can download and install this beta version using the links given below.

Download links for iOS 12 Beta 9 

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Should you update? 

Since this update brings nothing new to the table, you will be just fine should you decide not to install it. However, if you are experiencing performance issues on iOS 12 Beta 8 or below, I would recommend upgrading your device as soon as possible.

Beta 9 is probably one of the last beta versions of iOS 12 as we head towards the September event. If you are not a beta junkie, you can safely miss the next few beta updates and switch over directly to the final build.


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