Download iOS 11.4 Beta 4 without developer account

Apple seeded iOS 11.4 beta 4 exclusively to registered developers an hour ago. Here’s how you can download this update on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch without a developer account.

What’s new in iOS 11.4 beta 4?

Weighing around 255MB, this beta version, just like other minor updates, focuses on performance and bug fixes. The build number of this version is 15F5071a.

Unfortunately, the Control Center volume slider bug is back in beta 4. You will experience long delays whenever you change the volume.

For those who don’t know, Apple just fixed this bug in iOS 11.4 beta 3 that was released a week ago.

iOS 11.4

You can download the update on your Apple device using any of the links below. If you want to go the iTunes route, click on the appropriate firmware file link and download it to your computer.

If you would like to update over-the-air, simply open the OTA profile link with Safari and get installing!

iOS 11.4 beta 4 download


Should you upgrade?

Beta 4 doesn’t really come with any tangible improvements to your Apple device.

Therefore, it’s best for you to steer clear of this update, considering it brings back a bug from older versions.

This is one of those updates that I would recommend installing to both jailbreakers and non-jailbreakers alike.

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