iOS 11.2.5 firmware is no longer being signed

Apple has just stopped signing iOS 11.2.5 firmware for all 41 devices. Here’s what this means for jailbreakers and what you should do next.

Apple stops signing iOS 11.2.5 firmware

With its signing window closed, users can no longer upgrade to iOS 11.2.5. Those of you who didn’t save SHSH Blobs for this firmware, won’t be able to do so anymore.

This version didn’t hold much significance for jailbreakers because no exploit is fully compatible with it.

Jailbreakers only relied on this version to restore their Apple devices to unsigned iOS versions.

ios firmware

Thankfully enough, the SEP firmware of iOS 11.2.6 is still compatible with iOS 11.1.2. This means you can upgrade to iOS 11.1.2 from older versions such as iOS 10.3.3 or below.

All you need to do is fire up FutureRestore utility, dust off your SHSH Blobs and upgrade using iOS 11.2.6.

You need to make it quick as the SEP of upcoming versions may or may not be compatible with iOS 11.1.2.

What next?

iOS 11.3 firmware is already upon us and Apple will kill iOS 11.2.6 next.

They have seeded three developer beta versions thus far and will release the Golden Master build sometime during the next week.

iOS 11.3 firmware

As always, don’t forget to stay on the lowest firmware possible. If you are on iOS 11.2.5, stay where you are and don’t upgrade to any newer version.

This will ensure your device will be supported when a jailbreak gets released for it somewhere down the line.

However, the chances of that happening anytime soon are slim to none.

Which firmware are you running right now? Leave your comments below.

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