Download iOS 11.2.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Apple has just released a new iOS update out of the blue. Here’s how you can download iOS 11.2.1 on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

What’s new in iOS 11.2.1?

As its build suggests, iOS 11.2.1 doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It is a minor update and fixes a remote access bug in the stock Home app.

This bug resulted in disabled access to shared users of the app. Although this looks like a non-issue at the very outset, it could result in someone gaining unauthorized access to your Homekit devices.

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Once you update, this issue will no longer persist and your Homekit devices will once again become completely secure.

If you want to upgrade to this version, you can do so via the OTA. Just go to Settings > General > Software Update and download this version.

There’s no OTA Profile download link below as this update is not limited only to developers, even general users can download and install it.

Otherwise, you can follow the conventional method and upgrade using the IPSW firmware files.

iOS 11.2.1 Download links 

Should I upgrade?

I wouldn’t recommend updating at all if you are interested in a jailbreak. Ian Beer’s latest kernel exploit works only up till iOS 11.1.2.

Therefore, upgrading to any version above iOS 11.1.2 will be akin to willingly signing your own death warrant.

To increase your chances of getting a jailbreak, stick to iOS 11.1.2 and older versions only.

What will you be doing now – upgrade to iOS 11.2.1 or stay on iOS 11.1.2? Leave your thoughts and opinions below.

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