iOS 11.2 SEP is incompatible with iOS 11-11.1.2 versions

Jailbreakers are terribly confused about staying put on iOS 10 or upgrading to iOS 11 in the hopes of a new jailbreak. Here’s something that will help you make an informed decision.

iOS 11.2 SEP is incompatible with 11.1.2

A jailbreaker has recently disclosed that iOS 11.2’s baseband version is 8.30.01. He did a quick experiment to ascertain that the SEP firmware did indeed change in iOS 11.2.

  • He performed a clean restore on his iPhone 6s to iOS 11.1.2.
  • The user then set nonce in NVRAM using Ian Beer’s kernel exploit for iOS 11.
  • iPhone 6s was then restored to iOS 11.0 using iOS 11.2’s baseband file. This broke the TouchID, indicating that the iOS 11.2 SEP was incompatible with iOS 11.0.
  • This experiment was then repeated using iOS 11.1.2’s baseband file. Unsurprisingly, TouchID worked in this case as both these versions share the same SEP version.

iOS 11.1.2

All older versions below iOS 11.2 share the same baseband version (8.01.00). Different baseband versions usually mean that the SEP has been changed as well.

This implies that you can’t upgrade to iOS 11.1.2 even if you saved SHSH Blobs for it.

If you attempt to restore your device with an incompatible baseband file, you will be forced to update to the latest signed version (iOS 11.2 in this case).

For those who don’t know, a compatible SEP is necessary for upgrading to an unsigned firmware version. Obviously, other components such as a restore tool, IPSW file, and nonce are also important.

What should I do now?

Thankfully, this experiment was done just in time users were getting ready to stay on iOS 10 and save blobs. This clearly signifies that lower is not always better.

The best course of action right now is to update to iOS 11.1.2 as soon as possible. This will allow you to maximize your chances of getting a jailbreak.

ios firmware

Apple has already stopped signing iOS 11.0.1-11.1. According to me, Apple will close the signing window within a few hours from now.

This is why I highly recommend to get to 11.1.2 and stay there.

What are you going to do – stay on iOS 10.3.3 or below or move to Apple’s latest mobile operating system? Let us know in the comments section below.

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