iOS 11 vs Jailbroken iOS 10 – The Ultimate Showdown

A lot of users are sitting on iOS 10 and enjoying a jailbreak while some users have updated to iOS 11. Here’s a quick comparison between both these versions.

Why am I comparing iOS 11 and 10?

There has been a lot of chatter about iOS 11 in the past few months. It’s a significant step up over stock iOS 10 firmware and beats it in pretty much every area imaginable.

iPhone SE

Everyone, including jailbreak users, wants to test it out on their iOS devices, and for all the right reasons.

But is it really better than jailbroken iOS 10? Let’s find out below.

3 Reasons why jailbroken iOS 10 is better than iOS 11

1. Unlimited Customization

Versatility is by far the biggest advantage of having a jailbreak. Although iOS 11 steals a lot of Cydia tweaks, Apple simply can not implement all of them.

iOS 10 has a lot of great Cydia tweaks that are suitable for every purpose and situation. Here’s a good example of what you can achieve with a jailbreak.


With the power of jailbreak in your hands, you can tailor your device specifically to your needs with unlimited customization.

This is something that is missing from all stock firmware versions, including iOS 11.

2. iOS 11 feature ports

Pretty much all important features of iOS 11 such as the modular Control Center, Notification Center, etc are now available on iOS 10.

ios 11 control center

Notable tweak developers LaughingQuoll, Antique Dev, and Andrew Wiiks have already ported a lot of features. Some tweaks such as Maize are still a work in progress and will be released shortly.

For those of who are interested in experiencing the latest iOS features, this gives you another reason not to update your device.

3. No Revokes

Experiencing no revokes is yet another advantage of having a jailbreak.

As you already know, Apple has been rather strict with its app revocations lately. If you use a package installer and have enterprise apps, you know a revoke is going to come soon.

With jailbroken iOS 10, you don’t have to deal with any kind of revokes and all your apps run smoothly. You can also sign IPA files on-device without Cydia Impactor using Ext3nder and Extender: Reloaded.

With that being said, you can still try Nesstool utility on iOS 11 that does exactly that. However, it is still not a viable alternative to Saurik’s Cydia Extender.

Who wins?

iOS 11 brings a lot of cool new features but it pales in comparison to a jailbroken iOS. Jailbreak tweaks still bring a lot to stock iOS even in 2017.

Therefore, jailbroken iOS 10 firmware certainly takes the cake, at least for me.

What do you think is better – jailbroken iOS 10 or iOS 11? Let us know in the comments section below.

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